Break Out aka. All Night Long - Bruce Springsteen

      Em    C       G
I was born saved in heaven
       Em                C        G
It was nothing like the promised land
 Em          C     G     
Raised in a good Christian house
  D                         C
Underneath a good Christian hand

         Em     C        G
I was schooled down and dirty
          Em   C        G
Signed a note back to town
         Em             C        G    
It was there that the workers slaved all week
 D                          C
Waiting for payday to come around

         Em       G
  Break out, come on if you're coming
        C                  G
  Cause baby I just can't stay
    Em                   G
  I want to take out the walls of this joint
    D                       C
  I want to blow this town away

Now I ain't into fast livin'
I ain't into dying young
And I ain't looking to be forgiven
For any of the stupid things that I've done

For the ones who once had a notion
A notion it was good to be alive
Feel the spark, the rush of emotion
I want to break out baby tonight

  I want to dream, that I got a place
  I want to scream in somebody's face
  Make it seem, get out of this muddy race
  All night long

  Bm                                         Em
  Well all little kings lose their thrones tonight
  Am                                                           D
  All you little pretty things better learn to sleep alone tonight
  It was down in the cool dirty living

  With the man with the master plan
  Some girl who can beg forgiveness

  And a ticket to the promised land

  Down where they'll tear your guts out 
  Making out what you're all about
  making while we were blasting like a ??
  I want out I want out I want out

Want out to the outside
Well I'm a small fool
I want to shout I'm bound for nothing
I want to shout about something too

For the ones who once had a notion
It ain't no sin to be glad you're alive
I feel the heat, the rush of devotion
I want to tear out baby tonight

  I wanna do what ain't ever been done
  I wanna win what ain't ever been won
  I wanna lose blow it all away
  I wanna lose what I've always won

  I wanna know that I got a place
  I wanna go where I can see your face
  I wanna rock the roof off this place
  I want you to know
  I wanna live