Losin' Kind - Bruce Springsteen

| F# | F# | F# |

My name is Frank Davis, drive a Dixie 109
      C#                      F#
I was out on Highway 17, just south of Camden Line

It was down there in the heart of Wilsonville where I met my fate
        C#                                        F#
She was standing outside the bar room said she was waiting for a date
      B                         F#
But I knew that that was just a line
      C#                               F#
And I knew I was messin' with a losin' kind

Well I knew what we were both doing, and I knew that you can't win
             C#                                                        F#
But when the light turned green, I reached across the seat, popped the lock and she slid in

She said she liked Mexican music, she knew a place if I had the time
Well we had a few drinks and we danced a while
I pulled her close, she didn't mind
           B                     F#
And what I knew kinda slipped my mind
         C#                                     F#
And I couldn't resist her messin' with a losin' kind

Well we drove around in my Buick, getting drunk and having fun
        C#                                   F#
Well we ended up at this Best Western out on Highway 101

It was around 3 a.m. we went out to this empty little road side bar
It was there the cash register was open 
It was there I hit that guy to hard
      B                                  F#
But I knew when I hit him for the second time
           C#                                      F#
That one attracts the other when you're the losin' kind

Solo: | F# | B | F# | C# | F# | 

Well I grabbed her hand to get out of there

And I felt like I was gonna be sick
         C#                                                F#
And a half hour later the sleet started come down and that highway got pretty slick

I seen some lights in my rear-view mirror I guess I panicked and gave her a gun
            C#                                 F#
Well then I wrapped us around a telephone pole south on Highway 101

Well she just stumbled out on to the banks

And sat down in a pout
       C#                                F#
Well I kicked out the driver side window but buddy when I got out

Well all I had to greet me was a Highway Patrolman's 45 
   C#                                               F#
He looked at the wreak and then he said "Son you're lucky to be alive"
               B                                F#
"Well Sir I'll think that one over if you don't mind
         C#                                          F#
Now luck ain't much good to you when it's the losin' kind"