written by Billy Joel.Capo on the 1st fret.Verse 1:      D                          G	I am the entertainer,i know just where i stand                     D                         A	Another serenader,another long-haired man         D                          G 	Today i am your champion,i may have won your hearts                                    A 	But i know the game,you'll forget my name               G                 A	And i won't be here in another year                                 D 	If i don't stay on the chartsVerse 2:      D                            G	I am the entertainer,i've had to pay my price                                      D                         A  	The things i did not know at first,i learned by doin' twice            D                                G  	Ah,but still they come to haunt me,still they want their say                                         A  	So i've learned to dance with a hand in my pants              G                  A	Just rub my neck and i write'em a check                              D 	And they go on their wayVerse 3:      D                       G	I am the entertainer,been all around the world                                   D                           A 	I've played all kinds of places,i've laid all kind of girls           D                      G                 	I can't remember faces,i don't remember names                                   A 	Ah,but what the hell,it's just as well               G                     A	'Cause after a while and a thousand miles                            D	It all becomes the sameVerse 4:      D                         G   	I am the entertainer,i come to do my show                                   D                       A	You've heard my latest record,it's been on the radio               D                             G	Ah,it took me years to write it,the best years of my life                                      A	It's a beautiful song,but it ran too long                G                          A	If you wanna have a hit,you gotta make it fit                                  D	So they cut it down to 3:05Verse 5:      D                          G  	I am the entertainer,the idol of my age                               D                     A   	I make all kinds of money,when i go on the stage                   D                          G	Ah,you've seen me in the papers,i've been in the magazines                             A          	But if i go cold my future gets sold                 G                      A	They'll put in the back in the discount rack                             D  	Like another can of beans