Loving The Alien (D.Bowie)
as performed on "A reality tour" DVD

transcription by Fabio "KeL" Spinelli (webmaster@kel666.it)

This is fantastic song, I love the album version on "Tonight", 
but this version is more confortable with the guitar :-)

* Verse *

1st guitar performs this arpeggio, with delay and octaver effect


2nd guitar:

Cm Bb G# Bb
Cm Bb G# Bb G

* Pre-Chorus *

G# F# C# C#m
Bbm Fm C#m

			       /- on this last note starts the Chorus

* Chorus *
(note: the E is better if done on the 7th fret)

G# Bb B Bb
G# Bb E Bb

I am not very sure about the Chorus... please post your suggestions!

JBSCOUT21 27/7/2005 - 20:52:56
Correction on the Chorus which despite your doubt is on the Ball the E should be a B other than that it is perfect Nice Job! I could use help with the fingerings for the chords tho lol
UNWASHED AND SOMEWHAT SLIGHTLY DAZED www.theblackdogs.com 3/5/2005 - 18:16:58
Yes really would love to play the reality version.That tour was farout!
ELECTRODUENDE www.diskopolis.net 12/3/2004 - 14:48:01
Who knows the riff taht we play in the reallity tour in the acustic version of this song??
H. ICQ 286640264 23/7/2003 - 9:09:01
great job mardell. unfortunately I don't know what half of the chords are. Is there any way someone can post all of the chord definitions? B+, D/C, BM7/E, etc...... I have played guitar for some time now but I was never taught music so unless it is listed I have no clue. Thanks for tabbing it Mardell kudos to you. - H.
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