Galveston Bay - Bruce Springsteen  

Fifteen years Le Bing Son 
       G                          D
Fought side by side with the Americans 
                          A          D
In the mountains and deltas of Vietnam 

In '75 Saigon fell  
    G                  D
and he left his command 
                  A                 D
And brought his family to the promised land 

Seabrook Texas and the small towns  
        G          D
In the Gulf of Mexico 
                           A                D
It was delta country and reminded him of home 

He worked as a machinist, put his money away 
                   G                   D
And bought a shrimp boat with his cousin 
                      A                  D
And together they harvested Galveston Bay 
         A                    D
In the mornin' 'fore the sun come up 
       G                 D
He'd kiss his sleepin' daughter 
 A                      D
Steer out through the channel 
               G               D | G | D |
And casts his nets into the water 

Billy Sutter fought with Charlie Company 
        G                  D
In the highlands of Quang Tri 
            G                        D
He was wounded in the battle of Chu Lai 
                A     D
And shipped home in '68 

            A                           D
There he married and worked the gulf fishing grounds 
         G                        D
In a boat that'd been his father's 
                   A            D
In the morning he'd kiss his sleeping son 
                   G          D | G | D |
And cast his nets into the water 

                             G                D
Billy sat in front of his TV as the south fell 
          G                        D
And the Communists rolled into Saigon 

He and his friends watched as the refugees came 
                      A                               D
Settle on the same streets and worked the coast they grew up on 

                A                D
Soon in the bars around the harbor was talk 
     G            D
Of America for Americans 
                    A                        D
Someone said, "You want 'em out, you got to burn 'em out" 
             G             D
And brought in the Texas klan 

                                        G               D
One humid Texas night there were three shadows on the harbor 
                         A                   D
Come to burn the Vietnamese boats into the sea 

In the fire's light shots rang out 
      G                         D
Two Texans lay dead on the ground 
                    A            D
Le stood with a pistol in his hand 

              A               D
A jury acquitted him in self defense 
        G                     D
As before the judge he did stand 
           A                     D
But as he walked down the courthouse steps 
                G                     D  | A D | G D | D A | 2/4 D | 4/4 G | D |
Billy said "My friend, you're a dead man" 

                                G                    D
One late summer night Le stood watch along the waterside 

Billy stood in the shadows 
     G                   D
His K-bar knife in his hand 
        A                             D
And the moon slipped behind the clouds 
                           G                    D
Le lit a cigarette, the bay was as still as glass 

As he walked by Billy stuck his knife into his pocket 
        G                  D
Took a breath and let him pass 

               A             D
In the early darkness Billy rose up 
                G                     D
Went into the kitchen for a drink of water 
  A                  D
Kissed his sleeping wife 
Headed into the channel 
And casts his nets into the water 
     A         D
Of Galveston Bay 

 D  A  G