Balboa Park - Bruce Springsteen  

(Capo 3rd fred)
 C         G         C       G         D             C      G

           C               G          C   G
He lay his blanket underneath the freeway 
        C         G        C
as the evening sky grew dark 
                    G                 C  G
took a sniff of toncho from his coke can
             D              C
and headed through Balboa Park 
                  G     C  G
where the men in Mercedes 
       C          G    C
come nightly to employ 
                 G        C   G
in the cool San Diego evening 
        D                    C | C G | C G | D | C G 
the services of the border boys 

    C                G       C
He grew up near the zona norte 
 G                     C            G           C
with the hustlers and smugglers he hung out with 
                      G         C     G
he swallowed their balloons of cocaine 
              D                    C
brought 'em cross the 12th street strip 
           G    C    G
sleeping in a shelter 
C             G         C
if the night got too cold 
            G      C   G
runnin' from the migra 
 D                C | C G | C G | D | C G 
of the border patrol 

          C            G          C         G
Past the Salvage yard 'cross the train tracks 
        C          G         C
and in through the storm drain 
                             G              C     G
they stretched their blankets out neath the freeway 
     D                 C
and each one took a name 
          C            G
there was x-man and cochese 
  C                G                  C
little spider his sneakers covered in river mud 
           C             G
they come north to California 
     D                            C | C G | C G | D | C 
end up with the poison in their blood 

       Em7                    G
He did what he had to do for money 
                             D           C
sometimes he sent home what he could spare 
     Em7                         C
the rest went to hi-top sneakers and toncho 
     G                D         G
and jeans like the gavatchos wear 
     C                 G            C      G
one night the border patrol swept 12th street 
       C             G               C
a big car come fast down the boulevard 
                      G          C   G
spider stood caught in it's headlights 
     D                 C
got hit and went down hard 
        C                 G           C     G
as the car sped away spider held his stomach 
               C                G        C
limped to his blanket 'neath the underpass 
                   G             C       G
lie there tasting his own blood on his tongue 
closed his eyes and listened to the cars 
        C     G  | C | G
rushin by so fast 

 C  G  D  Em7