David Bowie Silly Boy Blue

Transcribed By Alan Hyde

I Don't think this is 100% correct , and corrections are welcome , I wont be offended. But  it still sounds nice strummed on an acoustic.

A            E         A
Mountains of Lava are feeling the rain
A           E          A       
People are walking the Botella lanes
E                 A 
Preacher takes the school
E               A
One boy breaks a rule
A                                     G
Silly Boy Blue, ooooooooh, Silly boy Blue
A          E                       A
Yak butter statues that melt in the sun
A          E                           A
Cannot dissolve all the work you've not done
E                A
A chela likes to feel
E                          A
That his overself pays the bill
A                                   G
Silly Boy Blue,oooooooooh silly Boy Blue
A-A-A-A   E
E  A                   E   A
You wish and wish, and wish again
       D                G
You've tried so hard to fly
E                       A
You'll never leave your body now
E                     G          A
You've got to wait to diiiiiiiiiiiie
(In same Chords as other verses)
La la la la la la la la la la (x2)
La la la la la (x2)
Silly Boy Blue,  ooooooooh silly Boy Blue

Child of Tibet, you're a gift from the sun
Reincarnation of one better man
The homeward road is long
You've left your prayers and song
Silly Boy Blue,oooooooooooh silly Boy 
E          A               E           A
Bluehooo oh oooh Silly boy Bluehooo ooh ohh
ect ect ect
Silly Boy Blueooooooh ect


SPACER 26/5/2006 - 15:10:04
Something doesnt seem right with this. Not sure, but I think the A chords at the very beginning are wrong. Drat, I wish my ears were better.
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