Roulette - Bruce Springsteen

(Drums only)
|   |   |   | A4 | A4 | A4 | A4 | A4 |

Dm               C                Bb                 A

Dm               C                Bb                 A       Dm
                                                               We left...
                            C    Bb
We left the toys out in the yard
                            A                      Dm
I took my wife and kids and left my home unguarded  
                                 C   Bb
We packed what we could into the car  
                  A              Dm
No one here knows how it started  

Suddenly everything was just so out of control  
Now I want some answers, mister, I need to know  
I hear all the talk but I don't know what you're sayin'  

But I think I got a good idea of the game that you're playin'  

C             Dm
Roulette, that's the name  
C             Bb
Roulette, that's the game now  
C                 Dm
Roulette, I don't know what they're sayin'  
C             Bb                 | F C | Dm
Roulette, and everybody's playin'  

                       C                                  Bb
I grew up here on this street where nothin' moves, just a strange breeze  
                   A                Dm
In a town full of worthless memories 
There's a shadow in my backyard 
I've got a house full of things that I can't touch  
Well all those things won't do me much good now  
I was a fireman out at Riker's, I did my job  
Mister, I've been cheated, I feel like I've been robbed  
I'm the big expendable, my life's just cancelled, null and void  

But what are you gonna do about your new boy  

C             Dm
Roulette, you're playin' with my life  
C              Bb
Roulette, with my children and my wife  
C                Dm
Roulette, every day the stakes get bigger  
C              Bb                          | F C |
Roulette, a different finger on the trigger  

Am             Em             G                 D              F

G                 Dm                C

Dm                     C           Bb   
Down by the river that talks the night speaks in searchlights  
     A                     Dm
And shortwave radios squawk, 
The police patrol the streets  
But I've left behind the man I used to be, 
Everything he believed in and all that belonged to me  
I tried to find my way out to somewhere where I thought it'd be safe 
They stopped me at the roadblock they put up on the interstate  
They put me in detention but I broke loose and then I ran  
  Gm                                                                          Bb
They said they want to ask me a few questions but I think they had other plans  
Now I don't know who to trust and I don't know what I can believe  

They say they want to help me but with the stuff they keep on sayin' 

I think those guys just wanna keep on playin'  

C           Dm
Roulette, with my life  
C           Bb
Roulette, with my kids and my wife  
C               Dm
Roulette, the bullet's in the chamber  
C                Bb
Roulette, who's the unlucky stranger  
C              Dm
Roulette, surprise, you're dead  
C              Bb
Roulette, the gun's to your head  
C                      Dm
Roulette, the bullet's spinning in the chamber  
C                   Bb
Roulette, pull the trigger, feel the click  
F            C
No further danger

 A4 Dm C  Bb A  F  Am Em G  D

rb...release bend
/....slide up
....slide down
<....pull strokes