Cindy - Bruce Springsteen

           Eb                       Ab
I pick you up with flowers when you get off from work 
          Eb                            Bb
It's like you don't even care it's like I'm some kind of jerk
           Eb                         Ab
I take you out on a date and then you won't even kiss me 
           Eb                        Bb
Boy when I ain't around I'll bet you don't even miss me 

              Ab             Eb     Bb             
 I don't know why I love you like I do
           Ab                Eb     Bb
 I try and try, you treat me like a fool 
             Ab                       Eb      Bb
 It makes me want to cry, it makes me feel so blue 
            Ab              Eb
 But I just do, baby I just do 

I call you up just to pass the time 
Soon as you hear my voice you disconnect the line 
And when I call you back your mother says you ain't home 
Cindy I know that you're on the other end of this phone 

            Ab                  Eb         Bb
 Oh in this world there ain't another like you 
           Ab                   Eb         Bb
 My little candy girl, so hard-hearted and cruel 
                Ab             Eb    Bb
 I think that's what keeps me coming back
       Eb           Ab          Bb           Eb
 I'm a fool for you Cindy and I like it like that 

 BREAK: Bb Bb Eb Eb
        Bb Bb Eb Eb

I came to get you last night, Cindy at quarter to six 
Your Daddy came to the door, he said Cindy got sick 
She got sent home from work with a note from the nurse 
And I worry your presence would make her condition worse
 But it ain't your health, 'cuz you sure look so fine 
 Little girl it's something else that's on my mind 
 Whatever you got, well you can give it me 
 'Cuz if it's good enough for you it's good enough for me 

 I don't know why I love you like I do 
 You make me cry and feel like a fool 
 I guess I like it when you hurt me this way 
 You dish it out and I just put it away

 OUTRO: Bb Bb Eb Eb