The Promise


Guitar (fingerpicking)   - just my way of playing it, asterisks mark the
                           melody (use capo on 5th fret if necessary)

 F                Bb
 *     * *

I tried to do the piano figure with results that looked pitiful
and incomprehensible in ASCII. Sorry.

  F                             Bb              F
1.Johnny works in a factory and Billy works downtown
Dm                                        Gm              F/A     Bb
Terry works in a rock'n'roll band looking for that million-dollar sound
F                             Bb                   F
Me I don't do nothing much, I spend a lot of time alone
Dm                                   Gm         F/A     Bb
Some nights I go to the drive-in and some nights I stay home

         (Bb)                                         F
You see I followed that dream just like those guys do way up on the
Bb                 F
screen      With a built-up Challenger down route 9
                Bb                    F
through the dead ends and all the bad scenes
             C                                              F
And when the promise was broken I cashed in a few of my old dreams

2.You see I built that Challenger by myself
             Bb              F
but I needed money and so I sold it
And I lived a secret I should have kept to myself
          Gm               F/A  Bb
But I got drunk one night and I told it
Dm               Am
All my life I've fought that fight
    Gm          F/A          Bb
the one that no man can ever win
    F                      C                                       F
and every day it just gets harder to live the dreams I'm believing in

        Gm Am Bb                             C            F
Thunder Road____   I stay up every morning until it turns light
        Gm Am Bb                                  C         F
Thunder Road____   there's something dying on the highway tonight

(2x Intro)
3.Well now I won big once and I hit the coast
       Bb                     F
Oh but somehow I paid the big cost
Inside I felt like carrying the broken spirits
   Gm            F/A      Bb
of all the other ones who lost
        Dm                     Am
When the promise is broken you go on livin'
       Gm                   F/A          Bb
but it takes something from down in your soul
              F                            C
Like when the truth is spoken but it don't make no difference
something in your heart turns cold

You see I followed that dream , me and some guys
            F                             Bb
through the dead ends and all the two-bit bars
When the promise was broken I was drunk and far away from home
sleeping with a stranger in the backseat of a borrowed car

        Gm Am Bb                                     C             F
Thunder Road____  here's one for the lost lovers and all the fixed games
        Gm Am Bb                                   C         F
Thunder Road____  here's one for the tyres rushing by in the rain
        Gm Am Bb                                     C      F
Thunder Road____  I remember when me and Billy would always say
        Gm Am Bb                                        C     F
Thunder Road____  we were gonna take it all and throw it all away


Notice that the piano line sometimes follows the vocal melody, so for
exaple at the 'I followed that dream'- line it goes to E, b5 of the Bb