Mary Lou - Bruce Springsteen

D                                                  G       C  D
 Your scrapbook's filled with pictures of all your leading men
                           G             C    Am
Well baby don't me picture in there with them
                   Bm                       Em                  C
Don't make me some little girl's dream that can never come true
Oh baby, don't do it to me I won't do it to you

       G                         C
Mary Lou, I'm not like all those other guys
       Bm         Am                          Bm          D
Mary Lou, I won't fill pretty head with their pretty lies
       G                                           C
Mary Lou, and dreams that never, never, never ever will come true
       Bm         Am                           Bm             D
Mary Lou, I don't deserve to hurt and make you cry like you do

                                 G             C             D
You seen all the romantic movies, you dream to take the boys home
                                 G        C     Am
But when the action fades you're left all alone
            Bm                       Em                 C
You deserve better than this, a real love that can grow
And I ain't playin'  outtakes, girl from some late late show, no

       G                            C
Mary Lou, you're not like all those others girls
       Bm     Am                     Bm             D
Mary Lou, so afraid to shake up that neat little world

(Sax solo) | G | G | C | C | Bm | Am | Bm | D |
           | G | G | C | C | Bm | Am | Bm | D

                                        G           C      D
Every night you go out lookin' for true love's satisfaction
                                        G               C      Am
But you always end up settling for just lights, camera, action
             Bm                    Em                        C
In another cameo role with some bit player you're befriending
You're gonna go broken-hearted lookin' for that happy ending

       G                      C
Mary Lou, I've seen all those movies too
       Bm        Am                     Bm            D
Mary Lou, well I know the hurt too much dreaming can do
       G                                   C
Mary Lou, you're gonna end up just another lonely ticket sold
       Bm         Am                         Bm        D
Mary Lou, crying alone in the theater as the credits roll
         G | G | C | G
Let's go

 D  G  C  Am Bm Em