Santa Ana - Bruce Springsteen


         C       D              G
From the tin rooftop the little boy did watch
    C          D            G
The procession down through town
C           D            G
Through the museum where Daniel whupped the Devil 
     C                 D     G
With them boys from the underground
          C         D                 G
Where the Giants of Science fight for tight control
         C         D          G
Over the wildlands of New Mexico
    C         D                G                C
Sam Houston's ghost's in Texas fighting for his soul
        Am               Em               G            D  C Am
And the townsfolk rest uneasy beneath the guns of Kid Colt
                  G    C             D
And the kid says "Hey, where's Santa Ana?"
       G                 C         D
He who could romance the dumb into talking
       G              C           D
Take a chance with me tonight, my contessa
      G              C             D
If it don't work out I ain't lame, I can walk hey  ---------

    C                         D            G
Now some folks think cancer's taken to the streets of this town
     C              D              G
Well Sandy eats her candy and then lays her money down
     C                    D                G              C
Them cats are in from the canyons to strut their stuff in town
            G                    C
But there's only secret sinners here
      G                   C
Lord, there's only secret thieves
       G                 C
Only a fool would try to save
What the desert chose to leave
    G   C          D
And hey there senorita
          G           C             D
With your playboys in their Spanish bandanas
       G           C            D
French cream won't soften those boots, baby
       G               C          D
French kisses will not break your heart oh   ---------

| C D | G | C D | G | C D | G | C D | G | C D |
| Em | C | G | Ab | Bbm | Eb | D | D | D | D

   Em                Bm
Oh painted night set free with light
      Am                     Em
Glows outside the Rainbow Saloon
Matching braces with a Spanish lady
         Am             Em
'Neath a graduation moon
        C                     D
No more colleges, no more coronations
            G                 Em
Some punk's idea of a teenage nation
                 Am                Em
Has forced Santa Ana to change his station
     G              D4  D
From soldier to cartoon 
        C         D                   G
And the Giants of Science spend their days and nights
         C               D                    G
Not with wives, not with lovers, but searchin' for the lights
      C             D               G          C
They spotted in the desert on their helicoptor flights
           D                        D4   D
Just to be lost in the dust and the night

G   C        D                   G              C            D
Hey ah my contessa, in your juke joint rags you always bring candy for the kids
     G             C           G
Come waltz with me tonight senorita
            G         C                D
'Cause only fools are alone on a night like this oh  ---------

| C D | G |...

 G  C  D  Am Em Ab Bbm Eb D4