My Lover Man - Bruce Springsteen

(Song's speed up 1/4 step)
| G | G | D | D | G

You treated me hard and made my heart ache
  G                                            D     C
I know you're only human, and men they make mistakes
                             D     C
Your life with her turned to black
                          G  D  C
And now you want our love back
                           D              G  | G | D | D | G | G | D | D | G
Well come into my arms and fall, my lover man 

Was it a gypsy's curse or a hex sign
G                                                                D   C
Or was it just that simple thing that led you from these arms of mine
                     D    C
Oh yes, I've had the days 
                             G  D  C
To grow used to your foolish ways
                             D             G  | G | D | D | G | G | D | D
And what is it really, after all, my lover man 

I can see the change in your eyes
           G             D
There's no need to apologize

We stood at the wishing well
Our dreams like coins into the water fell
The water so cold and black
             D           G
There was no going back 

                                            D    G
I don't mean to cause you hurt or cause you pain
                                 D    C
Life is short and love's a dirty game
                                    D   C
Now there's no need for our game to end
                     G   D  C
Come close and we'll begin 
                             D               G | G | D | D
To find our beautiful selves again, my lover man
         G | G | D | D
My lover man
         G | G | D | D
My lover man 

 G  D  C