--33333-33333-333-------------------------      |      4x  |
------------------------------------------ Csus | Fsus | F |

    Bb                          Bbsus  Bb        Fsus F
You get up every morning at the sound of the bell
     Bb                       Bbsus       Bb         Fsus  F
You get to work late and the boss man's giving you hell
            Eb        F        Gm
Till you're out on a midnight run
             Eb          F       Gm
Losing your heart to a beautiful one
              Eb           Gm
And it feels right as you lock up the house
Cm                       C                 Fsus F
Turn out the lights and step out into the night

         Ab             Bb        Cm
And the world is busting at its seams
            Ab             Bb       Cm
And you're just a prisoner of your dreams
                     Gm              Cm
Holding on for your life `cause you work all day
        C                Fsus F Fsus F
To blow `em away in the night

     Bb               Bbsus Bb          Fsus F
The rat traps filled with soul crusaders
     Bb                       Bbsus   Bb         Fsus F
The circuits lined and jammed with chromed invaders
               Eb                F            Gm
And she's so pretty that you're lost in the stars
        Eb           F               Gm
As you jockey your way through the cars
                 Eb            Gm
And sit at the light, as it changes to green
            Cm                   C                       Fsus  F
With your faith in your machine off you scream into the night

               Ab                Bb         Cm
And you're in love with all the wonder it brings
            Ab            Bb   Cm                   Gm
And every muscle in your body sings as the highway ignites
          Cm                C                           Fsus  F Fsus F
You work nine to five and somehow you survive till the night

     C                                     Bb  Am  Gm   F
Hell all day they're busting you up on the -----------|-------------
C                                             Eb
Tonight you're gonna break on through to the inside
              C   Csus
And it'll be right,  -----|-------|

            C   Csus               Fsus F Fsus F
it'll be right, and it'll be tonight

        Ab                 Bb      Cm
And you know she will be waiting there
             Ab         Bb        Cm
And you'll find her somehow you swear
         Bb      C         Fm
Somewhere tonight you run sad and free
Until all you can see is the night

|      4x  |
| Fsus | F | Eb Bb | F |

  F  Fsus Bb Bbsus Eb Gm Cm Ab Am Fm