Jackson Cage - Bruce Springsteen

C#m           A           E            F#m   A
-------------|-----------|------------|--------| (repeat 1x)

C#m                     A              E
Driving home she grabs something to eat
                    F#m         A        C#m
Turns a corner and drives down her street
                       F#m              E
Into a row of houses she just melts away
                      F#m  A
Like a scenery in another man's play
Into a house where the blinds are closed
    C#m                               A
To keep from seeing things she don't wanna know
She pulls the blinds and looks out on the street
           A                           B
Where the cool of the night takes the edge off the street
        E          C#m
In the Jackson Cage
            G#m         A
Down in the Jackson Cage
             E         B      A
You can try with all your might
                E     B      A 
But you're reminded every night
                        C#m      A
That you've been judged and handed life
 B                   E  | B | C#m
Down in the Jackson Cage

                   A           E
Every day ends in wasted motion
                           F#m       A   C#m
Just crossed swords on the killing floor
                     F#m                   E
To settle back is to settle without knowing
                          F#m       A
The hard edge that you're settling for
Because there's always just one more day
C#m                    A
And it's always gonna be that way
Little girl you've been down here so long
       A                        B
I can tell by the way that you move you belong to

     E         C#m
The Jackson Cage
         G#m        A
Down in Jackson Cage
                     E         B
And it don't matter just what you say
     A                        E         B
Are you tough enough to play the game they play
           A                  C#m       A
Or will you just do your time and fade away
 B                     E
Down into the Jackson Cage

(Harp solo) | C#m | C#m | E | E | C#m | C#m | E B | A | A | C#m

                           A                     E
Baby there's nights when I dream of a better world
               F#m          A  C#m
But I wake so downhearted girl
I see you feeling so tired and confused
E                           F#m    A
I wonder what it's worth to me or you
Just waiting to see some sun
C#m                    A
Never knowing if that day will ever come
Left alone standing out on the street
            A                  B
Till you become the hand that turns the key down in

 E          C#m
Jackson Cage
         G#m       A
Down in Jackson Cage
                  E      B
Well darling can you understand
 A                 E        B
The way that they will turn a man 
   A             C#m     A
Into a stranger to waste away
 B                   A  E
Down in the Jackson Cage

 C#m A  E  F#m  G#m  B