THE ANGEL from Greetings from Asbury Park, N.J.


    C      G   Em    C            D
The angel rides with hunch-backed children
C      G Em   C        D
Poison oozing from his engine
C          G  Em   C      D
Wielding love as a lethal weapon
C      G   C         D
On his way to hubcap heaven
C        G     Em    C      D     Dsus4  D
Baseball cards poked in his spokes
C            G   Em   C         D
His boots in oil he's patiently soaked
    C        G  Em     C         D     Dsus4  D
The roadside attendant nervously jokes 
C              G     Em      C            D       Dsus4  D
As the angel's tires strokes his precious pavement
         C    G              Em   C       D
Well the interstate's choked With nomadic hordes 
   C          G              Em             C              D      Dsus4  D
In Volkswagen vans With full running boards dragging great anchors
C                  G     Em  C      D
Followin' dead-end signs the sores 
    C     G        Em          C    D          Dsus4  D
The angel rides by humpin' his hunk metal whore

Am              Em            G                      Dsus4          D
Madison Avenue's claim to fame in a trainer bra with eyes like rain
F                            Csus4       C    F              Am      D
She rubs against the weather-beaten frame and asks the angel for his name

C          G        Em  C      D
Off in the distance the marble dome 
C                   G                Em         C        D
Reflects across the flatlands with a naked feel off into parts unknown
    C     G       Em  C        D
The woman strokes his polished chrome
    C      G    Em          D
And lies beside the angel's bones       

C        X32010
D        XX0232
G        320003
F        133211
Am       X02210
Bm       X24432
Em       022000
Dsus4    XX0233
Csus4    X33010