INTRO:  D  Dmaj7  D7  D6
        D  Dmaj7  D7  D6
        C  E7sus4  E7

D                Dmaj7               D7
Solemn faced the village settles down
    D6            Bb
Undetected by the stars
        A                 Edim       D                    Dmaj7
And the hangman plays the mandolin before he goes to sleep
D7      D6                Bb
And the last thing on his mind
       A               Edim
Is the Wild Eyed Boy imprisoned
           D                   Dmaj7
'Neath the covered wooden shaft
D7        D6            Bb
Folds the rope into its bag
A                 Edim
Blows his pipe of smolders
         D                  Dmaj7
Blankets smoke into the room
D7      D6               Bb
And the day will end for some
C      G                E7sus4  E7
As the night begins for one

D                   Dmaj7              D7
Staring through the message in his eyes
       D6       Bb
Lies a solitary son
         A               Edim
From the mountain called Freecloud
          D                 Dmaj7
Where the eagle dare not fly
D7      D6              Bb
And the patience in his sigh
A            Edim           D                 Dmaj7
Gives no indication for the townsmen to decide
D7     D6           Bb
So the village dreadful yawns
   A                Edim
Pronouncing gross diversion
       D                Dmaj7
As the label for the dog
D7          D6             Bb
Oh it's the madness in his eyes
      C                      G
As he breaks the night to cry
           D  Dmaj7
It's really me    
D7     D6             Bb
Really you and really me
A                Edim        D  Dmaj7
It's so hard for us to really be
D7     D6             Bb
Really you and really me
       A                  Edim          D     Dmaj7  D7  D6  C
You'll lose me though I'm always really...free

And the mountain moved its eyes to the world of realise
          Bb               Ab
Where the snow had saved a place
        C                  E7
For the Wild Eyed Boy from Freecloud
And the village dreadful cried as the rope began to rise
        Bb                  Ab
For the smile stayed on the face
       C                  E7
Of the wide eyed boy from Freecloud
And the women once proud
Clutched the heart of the crowd
       G                              C
As the boulders smashed down from the mountain's hand
And the Magic in the stare
       C                  Am
Of the Wild Eyed Boy said stop Freecloud
C                          E7sus4  E7
They won't think to cut me down
        C        F           C            F
But the cottages fell like a playing card hell
        Bb           F           C
And the tears on the face of the wise boy
     C        F           C        F
Came tumbling down to the rumbling ground
        Bb         F         C
And the missionary mystic of peace love
D                Dmaj7         D7    D6  Bb
Stumbled back to cry among the clouds
A                Edim
Kicking back the pebbles
         D                 C        
From the Freecloud mountainTrack

D        XX0232
F        133211
Bb       X13331
E7       020100
Dmaj7    XX0222
C        332010
G        320033
D6       XX0202
Am       X02210
E7sus4   020200
A        X02220
Ab       466544
D7       XX0212
Edim     XX2323

ODD www.omm-rock.com.ar odinschwartz@hotmail.com 8/11/2005 - 20:11:15
Grat song!!!.... It sounds better if you replace the "Bb" with "Gm6/Bb", like this: e:0 B:3 G:0 D:0 A:1 E:x Greetings from Argentina!!!!!!!
JB 8/8/2004 - 20:49:05
This Song sounds really good if you go right into 'All the Young Dudes' however you cant stop and go on it must be continuous
MARK PRO 30/7/2002 - 23:29:17
there is a better tab for this song it sounds more like the lp
BEANZZ www.crosswinds.net/~beanzz/ ICQ 56853878 19/11/2001 - 12:40:57
this is one of my favorite songs... it's not really hard, some strange chords though but still easily learnt :)
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