INTRO:  Asus2  D9  Asus2  D9

Spy, spy, pretty girl
                                    D9  Asus2
I see you see me through your window
Don't turn your nose up
                                                        D9  Asus2  D9
Well, you can if you need to, you won't be the first or last

F                                                C
It must strain you to look down so far from your Father's house
      D           C          G         Am                 Am7
And I know what a louse like me in his house could do for you
E                    D      C     G
I'm the Cream of the Great Utopia Dream
    E                       D              C              F C
And you're the gleam in the depths of your banker's spleen

C  F C
C  F C

                         F C
I'm a phallus in pigtails
                            F C
And there's blood on my nose
                        F C
And my tissue is rotting
                            F C
Where the rats chew my bones
       F                Bb F
And my eye sockets empty
                    Bb F
See nothing but pain
       C                     F C
I keep having this brainstorm 
                        F C
About twelve times a day
        G                   A               Bb              C
So now, you could spend the morning walking with me, quite amazed
       F            Fm                C    F C
As I'm Unwashed and Somewhat Slightly Dazed

C  F C

                         F C
I got eyes in my backside
                          F C
That see electric tomatoes
                        F C
On credit card rye bread
                               F C
There are children in washrooms
        F                 Bb F
Holding hands with a queen
                            Bb F
And my heads full of murders
        C                F C  F C
Where only killers scream
       G                   A               Bb             C
So now you could spend the morning talking with me quite amazed
        F              Fm                C    F C  F C
And I'm raving mad and Somewhat Slightly Dazed

SOLO:  F  F  C  C  
       F  F  C  C  
       G  C

                            F C
Now you run from your window
                     F C
To the porcelain bowl
                              F C
And you're sick from your ears
                        F C
To the red parquet floor
        F                 Bb F
And the Braque on the wall
                      Bb F
Slides down your front
    C                      F C
And eats through your belly
                  F C
It's very catching
        G                    A                      Bb            C
So now, you should spend the mornings lying to your Father quite amazed
          F                    Fm               C    F C
About the strange Unwashed and Happily Slightly Dazed

Repeat until fade...C  F C

D        XX0232
F        133211
Fm       133111
D9       XX0230
C        332010
G        320033
Bb       X13331
Am7      X02010
A        X02220
E        022100
Am       X02210
Asus2    X02200

ALPHAMAN 24/2/2005 - 9:48:18
Thanks for tabbing - and/or listing - This Fantastic Cut.
JJPGRACIA 20/6/2002 - 0:08:12
Nice song. The song needs the guitar solo.
STEVE 9/2/2002 - 15:36:21
Ooh, this is a good one! I really love the intro, but the bulk of it is a little corny, but it s got that cool Who-ish vibe. I think it's the best song on Space Oddity besides the title track. Quite underappreciated
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