The London boys  - David Bowie

F                Dm
Cow bell strikes another night
Eb                      Cm
Your eyes are heavy and your limbs all ache
F                          Dm
You've bought some coffee, butter and bread
Eb                           Cm
You can't make a thing cause the meter's dead
F                  Ab
You moved away
F                                       Ab
Hold your folks you're gonna stay away

Eb                   Ab
Bright lights, Soho, Wardour street
F                              Eb
You hope you make friends with the guys that you meet
Bbm                Ab 
Somebody shows you round
Db                 Ab
Now you've met the London boys
Db                      B       E     F#        Fm
Things seem good again, someone cares about you

F                           Dm
Oh, the first time that you tried a pill
Eb                         Cm
You feel a little queasy, decidedly ill
F                             Dm
You're gonna be sick, but you mustn't lose faith
Eb                              Cm
To let yourself down would be a big disgrace
F                        Ab   
With the London boys  
F                        Ab 
With the London boys

Eb                             Ab
You're only seventeen, but you think you've grown
F                                       Eb
In the month you've been away from your parents' home
Bbm                    Ab
You take the pills too much
Db                               Ab 
You don't give a damn about that jobs you've got
Db                     B   E      F#     Fm
So long as you're with the London boys

F                  Dm
A London boy, oh a London boy
Eb                           Cm
Your flashy clothes are your pride and joy
G               Em
A London boy, a London boy
F                                  D      
You're crying out loud that you're a London boy
A                      F#m
You think you've had a lot of fun
G                                 Em
But you ain't got nothing, you're on the run
E                               Dbm
It's too late now, cause you're out there boy
F#                          A   
You've got it made with the rest of the toys
E                        Dbm
Now you wish you'd never left your home
F#                             A         
You've got what you wanted but you're on your own
Db       F#          B
With the London boys
Ab                 Db     F#      B
Now you've met the London boys (3x)