Intro: Bm Cm C D G

G              Em   
War made him a soldier
C      D       G
Little Frankie Mear
G                Em    
Peace left him a loser
C      D       G
The little bombardier

Em               C 
Lines of worry appeared with age
D                    G
Unskilled hands that knew no trade
Bm                Cm 
Spent his time in the picture house
C     D     G            
The little bombardier

C       Cm      G

G              Em   
Frankie drank his money
C      D            G
The little that he made
G              Em
Told his woes to no man
C           D       G
Friendless, lonely days

Em             C 
Then one day, in the ABC
D                    G
Four bright eyes gazed longingly
Bm                Cm
At the ice-cream in the hand of 
C      D       G
The little bombardier

Dm      A     

Dm                   A 
Sunshine entered our Frankie's days
Dm                    A
Gone his worries, his hopeless maze
Bb                    D                    A
His life was fun and his heart was full of joy

Dm                     A
Two young children had changed his aims
Dm                       A
He gave them toffees and played their games
Bb                            D             A
He brought them presents with every coin he made

Break: G Em C D G G Em C D G Em C D G Bm Cm C D G

G                  Em 
Then two gentlemen called on him
C     D   G
Asked him for his name
G                  Em 
Why was he friends with the children
C          D      G
Were they just a game?

Em                  C
Leave them alone or we'll get sore
D                                G
We've had blokes like you in the station before
Bm                    Cm
The hand of authority said "no more" to 
C   D      G
The little bombardier

Em                   C
Packed his bags, his heart in pain
D                G
Wiped a tear and caught a train
Bm                    Cm
Not to be seen in the town again
C    D     G
The little bombardier


JACOB GILES 30/6/2005 - 10:00:40
where do i much energy so much imagination so musicaly gifted itsw untrue...this is my best bowie period by far....i like early bowie better than bob dylan and the beatles and thats a fuckin achivement...ANYONE OUT THERE WITH THE CHORDS TO LIZA JANE..YOU WILL GIVE ME A SHOUT....THANX
JOE BLOW 22/2/2005 - 19:58:38
Great song! ^_^
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