Complete Chords
AC/DC AC-DC Complete guitar chords and tab.
Bob Dylan Complete Dylan chords and tab.
Jeff Buckley Pretty good Jeff Buckley chord site.
Led Zeppelin All the Led Zeppelin chords and tab. Plus some bass tab.
Lou Reed Guitar Archive pre-VU, The Velvet Underground, solos and collaborations.
Neil Young - HyperRust Neil Young Database(s) of Neil Young bands, albums, tabs, lyrics etc
Pink Floyd I think this is pretty much all of the tabs.
Queen Complete Queen listings including solo work and some piano music and drums etc
The Who Sub section of which seems to have just about all the Who tracks transcribed.
Zakk Wylde Tabs Solo Zakk, Pride & Glory and Black Label Society tabs. Also includes a few unreleased tunes.

David Bowie
Illustrated David Bowie Discography Good coverage of every song you can think of of Bowies. Some rare recordings for download aswell.
Shadowman All the bootlegs and unreleased stuff. Only in Real Audio format though unfortunately.
Stardust The unabashed David Bowie music guide to all his albums and singles. If it aint here then it aint been released!!!
Teenage Wildlife Pretty much the 'beallandendall' of David Bowie sites. This contains everything about everything.
The Ziggy Stardust Companion This site is completely dedicated to the Ziggy era and covers just about everything you'll ever need to know!
WonderWorld General Bowie site with loadsastuff

Bruce Springsteen
Candys Room This site seems to contain millions of links to EVERYTHING to do with Brooce. Even a link to me hehe :)
Lucky Town A pretty good all round Brooce site containing lots of news and reviews.
The Bruce Springsteen Archive Not very pretty site but has a couple of MP3s to download every couple of weeks...bootlegs. Is ok.

Billy Joel
Billy Joel Net Good Looking site - not a massive amount of information though.
Jaycee's Billy Joel Midi Files Site full of Billy Joel Midi files.
The Runabout Billy Joel's Boat?
Turnstiles This is a pretty good resource for Billy Joel stuff, including a few rare songs in Real Audio.

Guitar - About Guide Pretty cool site with LOADS of links to tab sites (including mine ahem :) You can find tabs by artist, and just about everyone is covered.
Guitar Notes Very comprehensive guitar site. Not only tab and chords.
Ultimate Guitar Loads of guitar chords. Like a new Olga.

Alphabetical Function List List of all PHP4 functions. Very useful even though has pretty much the same thing.
PHP Builder Pretty good PHP resource with tutorials etc.
PHP Wizard Home of the infamous PHPMyAdmin. If you need MySQL management then you cant be without this tool. The main homepage for PHP. Fantastic language reference and downloads of the language. Links. Resources.

Matts Music Page Ugly site but not a bad amount of content i have to say. Lots of artists and lots of content in most!
Merilees Strange website with Austin Powers freeky stuff. Obviously a fan of Billy Joel cos he links to me in the music section!
UK Music Search Site with general music information.
WYSIWYP Campaign for e-commerce sites to display a genuine price with no delivery and no hidden extras.