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Cold Spring Harbour - View Full Album Chords
 She's Got A Way [ZL]
 You Can Make Me Free [T.K.]
 Everybody Loves You Now [Aladdin]
 Why Judy Why [T.K.]
 Falling Of The Rain [416]
 Turn Around [352]
 You Look So Good To Me [375]
 Tomorrow Is Today [Jacob]
 Nocturne [393]
 Get To Begin Again [344]

Piano Man - View Full Album Chords
 Travellin Prayer [ZL]
 Piano Man [ZL]
 Aint No Crime [354]
 Youre My Home [Marcelo]
 The Ballad Of Billy The Kid [Aladdin]
 Worse Comes To Worst [330]
 Stop In Nevada [295]
 If I Only Had The Words To Tell You [Bougeman]
 Somewhere Along The Line [339]
 Captain Jack [ZL]

Streetlife Serenade - View Full Album Chords
 Streetlife Serenader [EricOcasio] [EricOcasio]
 Los Angelenos [332]
 The Great Suburban Showdown [311]
 Root Beer Rag [397]
 Roberta [278]
 The Entertainer [881]
 Last Of The Big Time Spenders [283]
 Weekend Song [251]
 Souvenir [435]
 The Mexican Connection [283]

Turnstiles - View Full Album Chords
 Say Goodbye To Hollywood [ZL]
 Summer Highland Falls [Marcelo] [Aladdin]
 All You Wanna Do Is Dance [277]
 New York State Of Mind [ZL]
 James [468]
 Prelude - Angry Young Man [592]
 Ive Loved These Days [373]
 Miami 2017 (Seen The Lights Go Out On Broadway) [Aladdin]

The Stranger - View Full Album Chords
 Movin Out (Anthonys Song) [Dave Tibbs] [Aladdin]
 The Stranger [ZL]
 Just The Way You Are [ZL]
 Scenes From An Italian Restaurant [ZL]
 Vienna [ZL]
 Only The Good Die Young [ZL]
 Shes Always A Woman [Marcelo]
 Get It Right The First Time [302]
 Everybody Has A Dream [319]

52nd Street - View Full Album Chords
 Big Shot [507]
 Honesty [ZL] [Aladdin]
 My Life [ZL]
 Zanzibar [417]
 Stiletto [368]
 Rosalinda's Eyes [475]
 Half A Mile Away [395]
 Until The Night [333]
 52nd Street [261]

Glass Houses - View Full Album Chords
 You May Be Right [ZL] [Aladdin]
 Sometimes A Fantasy [317]
 Dont Ask Me Why [ZL]
 Its Still Rock And Roll To Me [Marcelo]
 All For Leyna [Christine]
 I Dont Want To Be Alone [284]
 Sleeping With The Television On [295]
 C'etait Toi (You Were The One) [317]
 Close To The Borderline [350]
 Through The Long Night [323]

The Nylon Curtain - View Full Album Chords
 Allentown [David]
 Laura [396]
 Pressure [394]
 Goodnight Saigon [Marcelo]
 She's Right On Time [266]
 A Room Of Our Own [288]
 Surprises [258]
 Scandinavian Skies [258]
 Where's The Orchestra? [259]

An Innocent Man - View Full Album Chords
 Easy Money [283]
 An Innocent Man [674]
 The Longest Time [Aladdin]
 This Night [404]
 Tell Her About It [Marcelo]
 Uptown Girl [Marcelo]
 Careless Talk [294]
 Christie Lee [289]
 Leave A Tender Moment Alone [441]
 Keeping The Faith [Aladdin]

The Bridge - View Full Album Chords
 Running On Ice [277]
 This Is The Time [Aladdin]
 A Matter Of Trust [Marcelo]
 Modern Woman [261]
 Baby Grand [666]
 Big Man On Mulberry Street [302]
 Temptation [318]
 Code Of Silence [262]
 Getting Closer [271]

Storm Front - View Full Album Chords
 That's Not Her Style [293]
 We Didn't Start The Fire [Marcelo]
 The Downeaster 'Alexa' [Marcelo]
 I Go To Extremes [Marcelo] [Aladdin]
 Shameless [Aladdin]
 Storm Front [269]
 Leningrad [Marcelo]
 State Of Grace [264]
 When In Rome [247]
 And So It Goes [Marcelo]

River Of Dreams - View Full Album Chords
 No Man's Land [roland] [Aladdin]
 The Great Wall Of China [279]
 Blonde Over Blue [271]
 A Minor Variation [255]
 Shades Of Grey [284]
 All About Soul [Aladdin]
 Lallabye (Goodnight, My Angel) [1016]
 The River Of Dreams [Marcelo]
 Two Thousand Years [422]
 Famous Last Words [798]

Unreleased & Singles - View Full Album Chords
 Hey Girl [380]
 To Make You Feel My Love [Aladdin]
 You're Only Human (Second Wind) [300]