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David Bowie - View Full Album Chords
 Uncle Arthur [mardell]
 Sell Me A Coat [mardell]
 Rubber Band [Pepu]
 Love You Till Tuesday [Hans Kranenburg]
 There Is A Happy Land [Addison]
 We Are Hungry Men [Addison]
 When I Live My Dream [mardell]
 Little Bombardier [Anthony]
 Silly Boy Blue [Alan Hyde]
 Come And Buy My Toys [MARDELL]
 Join The Gang [mardell]
 She's Got Medals [Anthony]
 Maid Of Bond Street [Anthony]
 Please Mr Gravedigger [Aladdin]

Space Oddity - View Full Album Chords
 Space Oddity [Jason Pittman] [ZL]
 Unwashed And Somewhat Slightly Dazed [ZL]
 Dont Sit Down [ZL]
 Letter To Hermione [ZL]
 Cygnet Committee [ZL]
 Janine [ZL]
 An Occasional Dream [ZL]
 Wild Eyed Boy From Freecloud [ZL]
 God Knows Im Good [ZL]
 Memory Of A Free Festival [ZL]

The Man Who Sold The World - View Full Album Chords
 The Width Of A Circle [ZL]
 All The Madmen [ZL]
 Black Country Rock [ZL]
 After All [ZL]
 Running Gun Blues [ZL]
 Savior Machine [ZL]
 She Shook Me Cold [ZL]
 The Man Who Sold The World [Zowie] [ZL]
 The Supermen [ZL]

Hunky Dory - View Full Album Chords
 Changes [ZL]
 Oh! You Pretty Things [ZL]
 Eight Line Poem [ZL]
 Life On Mars [ZL] [chris]
 Kooks [ZL]
 Quicksand [ZL]
 Fill Your Heart [ZL]
 Andy Warhol [ZL]
 Song For Bob Dylan [ZL]
 Queen Bitch [ZL]
 The Bewlay Brothers [ZL]

Ziggy Stardust - View Full Album Chords
 Five Years [ZL]
 Soul Love [ZL]
 Moonage Daydream [ZL]
 Starman [ZL]
 It Aint Easy [ZL]
 Lady Stardust [ZL]
 Star [ZL]
 Hang Onto Yourself [ZL]
 Ziggy Stardust [ZL]
 Suffragette City [ZL]
 Rock N Roll Suicide [ZL]

Aladdin Sane - View Full Album Chords
 Watch That Man [ZL]
 Aladdin Sane [Emanuele] [ZL]
 Drive In Saturday [ZL]
 Panic In Detroit [ZL]
 Cracked Actor [ZL]
 Time [ZL]
 The Prettiest Star [ZL]
 Let's Spend The Night Together [ZL]
 The Jean Genie [ZL]
 Lady Grinning Soul [ZL]

Pin Ups - View Full Album Chords
 Rosalyn [ZL]
 Here Comes The Night [ZL]
 I Wish You Would [ZL]
 See Emily Play [ZL] [Aladdin]
 Everything's Alright [ZL]
 I Cant Explain [ZL]
 Friday On My Mind [ZL]
 Sorrow [ZL]
 Dont Bring Me Down [ZL]
 Shapes Of Things [ZL]
 Anyway Anyhow Anywhere [ZL]
 Where Have All The Good Times Gone [ZL]

Diamond Dogs - View Full Album Chords
 Future Legend [ZL]
 Diamond Dogs [ZL]
 Sweet Thing [ZL]
 Candidate [ZL]
 Sweet Thing - Reprise [ZL]
 Rebel Rebel [ZL]
 Rock N Roll With Me [ZL]
 We Are The Dead [ZL]
 1984 [ZL]
 Big Brother [ZL]
 Chant Of The Ever Circling Skeletal Family [ZL]

Young Americans - View Full Album Chords
 Young Americans [ZL]
 Win [ZL]
 Fascination [ZL]
 Right [Pepu]
 Somebody Up There Likes Me [ZL]
 Across The Universe [Zowie]
 Can You Hear Me [Pepu]
 Fame [Alex Burr]

Station To Station - View Full Album Chords
 Station To Station [Zowie]
 Golden Years [anonymous]
 Word On A Wing [Pepu]
 TVC 15 [Pepu]
 Stay [Pepu]
 Wild Is The Wind [mardell]

Low - View Full Album Chords
 Speed Of Life [Pepu]
 Breaking Glass [Pepu]
 What In The World [Pepu]
 Sound And Vision [mardell] [Phillip]
 Always Crashing In The Same Car [Alex Burr]
 Be My Wife [Pepu]
 New Career In A New Town [Pepu]
 Warszawa [Pepu]
 Art Decade [553]
 Weeping Wall [423]
 Subterraneans [Cristoff L]

Heroes - View Full Album Chords
 Beauty And The Beast [Pepu]
 Joe The Lion [Pepu]
 Heroes [Emanuele] [ZL]
 Sons Of The Silent Age [Emanuele]
 Blackout [Pepu]
 V-2 Schneider [Pepu]
 Sense Of Doubt [Pepu]
 Moss Garden [Pepu]
 Neuk├Âln [Pepu]
 The Secret Life Of Arabia [Anthony]

Lodger - View Full Album Chords
 Fantastic Voyage [Emanuele]
 African Night Flight [Pepu]
 Move On [Pepu]
 Yassassin [Pepu]
 Red Sails [Pepu]
 D.J. [Pepu]
 Look Back In Anger [mardell]
 Boys Keep Swinging [mardell]
 Repetition [Pepu]
 Red Money [Pepu]

Scary Monsters - View Full Album Chords
 It's No Game (Part 1) [Anthony]
 Up The Hill Backwards [Pepu]
 Scary Monsters (And Super Creeps) [Alan Hyde]
 Ashes To Ashes [David Bolin] [David P.]
 Fashion [David Bolin]
 Teenage Wildlife [Alan Hyde]
 Scream Like A Baby [Zizzu]
 Kingdom Come [Zizzu]
 Because You're Young [Zowie]
 It's No Game (Part 2) [Anthony]

Let's Dance - View Full Album Chords
 Modern Love [David Bolin]
 China Girl [ZL]
 Let's Dance [David Bolin]
 Without You [519]
 Ricochet [431]
 Criminal World [Pepu]
 Cat People [Zowie]
 Shake It [424]

Tonight - View Full Album Chords
 Loving The Alien [mardell] [KeL666]
 Don't Look Down [mardell]
 God Only Knows [mardell]
 Tonight [Phillip]
 Neighbourhood Threat [mardell]
 Blue Jean [David Bolin]
 Tumble And Twirl [464]
 I Keep Forgettin' [Aladdin]
 Dancing With The Big Boys [393]

Never Let Me Down - View Full Album Chords
 Day-In Day-Out [490]
 Time Will Crawl [588]
 Beat Of Your Drum [422]
 Never Let Me Down [Aladdin]
 Zeroes [593]
 Glass Spider [484]
 Shining Star (Makin' My Love) [387]
 New York's In Love [359]
 '87 And Cry [391]
 Too Dizzy [381]
 Bang Bang [589]

Tin Machine - View Full Album Chords
 Heaven's In Here [Alan Hyde]
 Tin Machine [1172]
 Prisoner Of Love [Alan Hyde]
 Crack City [479]
 I Can't Read [Aladdin]
 Under The God [448]
 Amazing [ZL]
 Working Class Hero [Aladdin]
 Bus Stop [Alan Hyde]
 Pretty Thing [434]
 Video Crimes [362]
 Run [383]
 Sacrifice Yourself [371]
 Baby Can Dance [brandon]

Tin Machine II - View Full Album Chords
 Baby Universal [Alan Hyde]
 One Shot [376]
 You Belong In Rock n' Roll [Alan Hyde]
 If There Is Something [Alan Hyde]
 Amlapura [458]
 Betty Wrong [391]
 You Can't Talk [350]
 Stateside [370]
 Shopping For Girls [381]
 A Big Hurt [339]
 Sorry [Alan Hyde]
 Goodbye Mr. Ed [422]
 Hammerhead (Outro) [363]

Black Tie, White Noise - View Full Album Chords
 The Wedding [Peter]
 You've Been Around [Emanuele]
 I Feel Free [415]
 Black Tie White Noise [Emanuele]
 Jump They Say [Aladdin]
 Nite Flights [Zizzu]
 Pallas Athena [403]
 Miracle Goodnight [Zizzu]
 Don't Let Me Down & Down [401]
 Looking For Lester [346]
 I Know It's Gonna Happen Someday [495]
 The Wedding Song [Peter]

Outside - View Full Album Chords
 Leon Takes Us Outside [459]
 Outside [473]
 Hearts Filthy Lesson [Aladdin]
 A Small Plot Of Land [407]
 Segue - Baby Grace (A Horrid Cassette) [354]
 Hallo Spaceboy [Aladdin]
 The Motel [552]
 I Have Not Been To Oxford Town [443]
 No Control [362]
 Segue - Algeria Touchshriek [374]
 The Voyeur Of Utter Destruction (As Beauty) [383]
 Segue - Ramona A. Stone/I Am With Name [360]
 Wishful Beginnings [376]
 We Prick You [397]
 Segue - Nathan Adler (1) [346]
 I'm Deranged [Zizzu]
 Thru' These Architects Eyes [Zizzu]
 Segue - Nathan Adler (2) [361]
 Strangers When We Meet [mark]

Earthling - View Full Album Chords
 Little Wonder [Anthony]
 Looking For Satellites [454]
 Battle For Britain (The Letter) [Aladdin]
 Seven Years In Tibet [Flying_Pig]
 Dead Man Walking [Aladdin]
 Telling Lies [468]
 The Last Thing You Should Do [403]
 I'm Afraid Of Americans [Anthony]
 Law (Earthlings On Fire) [401]

Hours - View Full Album Chords
 Thursdays Child [Emanuele] [ZL]
 Something In The Air [ZL]
 Survive [ZL]
 If Im Dreaming My Life [ZL]
 Seven [ZL]
 Whats Really Happening [ZL]
 The Pretty Things Are Going To Hell [ZL] [Aladdin]
 New Angels Of Promise [ZL]
 Brilliant Adventure [512]
 The Dreamers [ZL]

Heathen - View Full Album Chords
 Sunday [Mark]
 Cactus [Mark] [ZL]
 Slip Away [Sam Nijjar] [ZL]
 Slow Burn [ZL]
 Afraid [Anonymous] [flying_pig]
 I've Been Waiting For You [ZL]
 I Would Be Your Slave [ZL]
 Gemini Spacecraft [Aladdin]
 5:15 The Angels Have Gone [Mark] [Alex Burr]
 Everyone Says 'Hi' [ZL]
 A Better Future [Jesse] [Jesse]
 Heathen (The Rays) [Anonymous]

Reality - View Full Album Chords
 New Killer Star [ZL]
 Pablo Picasso [Peter] [Aladdin]
 Never Get Old [ZL]
 The Loneliest Guy [Gabo]
 Looking For Water [ZL]
 She'll Drive The Big Car [ZL]
 Days [ZL]
 Fall Dog Bombs The Moon [Peter]
 Try Some, Buy Some [MikeBethel]
 Reality [RupertPane]
 Bring Me The Disco King [Peter]

Unreleased & Singles - View Full Album Chords
 1917 [412]
 Abdulmajid [384]
 Absolute Beginners [Peter]
 After Today [345]
 Alabama Song [Zizzu]
 All The Young Dudes [mardell] [ZL]
 And I Say To Myself [387]
 As The World Falls Down [Andreas] [Aladdin]
 Baby Loves That Way [362]
 Bombers [ZL]
 Can't Help Thinking About Me [Mardell]
 Candidate Demo [ZL]
 Conversation Piece [ZL]
 Crystal Japan [387]
 Did You Ever Have A Dream [mardell]
 Dodo [ZL]
 Fly [Peter]
 Footstompin [gilly]
 Growin' Up [ZL]
 Hang On To Yourself (Arnold Corns) [Alan Hyde]
 Heroes (Acoustic) [Alan Hyde]
 Holy Holy [ZL]
 I Can't Explain [Aladdin]
 In The Heat Of The Morning [Rona]
 It's Gonna Be Me [398]
 It's Hard To Be A Saint In The City [Aladdin]
 John, I'm Only Dancing [ZL]
 John, I'm Only Dancing Again [583]
 Karma Man [580]
 Let Me Sleep Beside You [ZL]
 Lightning Frightening [ZL]
 Like A Rolling Stone [Aladdin]
 Love Missile F1-11 [324]
 My Death [ZL]
 Penny Lane [Aladdin]
 Port Of Amsterdam [ZL]
 Queen Of All The Tarts (Overture) [327]
 Shadowman [Alan Hyde]
 Some Are [312]
 Sweet Head [ZL]
 The Gospel According To Tony Day [Hans Kranenburg]
 The Laughing Gnome [MARDELL]
 The London Boys [Anthony]
 Trying To Get To Heaven [ZL]
 Velvet Goldmine [ZL]
 Waiting For The Man [Alex Burr]
 Waterloo Sunset [1278]
 We All Go Through [291]
 We Shall All Go To Town [ZL]
 When The Boys Come Marching Home [324]
 Who Can I Be Now? [411]
 Wood Jackson [Sam John]
 You've Got A Habit Of Leaving [435]