David Bowie - Tin Machine
Heaven's In Here Direct Link: http://www.lovebolts.co.uk/show_user.php?id=78 Transcribed By: Alan Hyde Heaven's in here/ D.Bowie/ Tin Machine By Al Hyde D--------0-----2-----0-----0------ A----0^2---0^2---0^2---0^2-------- E--0------------------------------ E D C D E Ohhhhhhhhhhhhh oh oh oooooooooo oooooooooooooh E D Baby I dream between the blade and the tongue G D Of the rose on your cheek the wounded and dumb E D We stumble and fall we stumble and fall G D Skin on skin but there's heaven , Heaven's CHORUS E in here D E Heaven's in here D E Among the twilight and stars D E Like a rocket to mars G E Heaven's in here E D The first and the last are telling it all G D Telling you loud but selling it small E D I'm taking a swing at this shadow of mine G D Crucifix hangs an' my heart's in my mouth E But it's here CHORUS D E Heaven's in here D E Among the twilight and stars D E Like a rocket to mars G E Heaven's in here Solo D E Heaven in one sigh D E MMM MMMMM MMM MMM MMM E D C D E D Heaven lies between your marbled thighs C D The rustle of your falling gown E D We stumble and fall like tragedy falls G D We stumble and twirl there's heaven in here E D We stumble and fall uncertain we fall G D Flesh on flesh but there's heaven in... E Heaven's in here CHORUS You'll dance to my tongue we'll dance on the sun We're the twilight and stars There's heaven in here =================================================================== =================================================================== Tin Machine is yet to be transcribed. =================================================================== =================================================================== Prisoner Of Love Direct Link: http://www.lovebolts.co.uk/show_user.php?id=73 Transcribed By: Alan Hyde Prisoner Of Love by Tin Machine. By Alan Hyde D------2------4-5-4-5--- A----------------------3-- Intro CC GG AA Pause A. Open/no chord CC GG AA E Don't look back G C Whatever it takes to save your life Em G A C I've believed I belonged to you for a long time G A C E Stop And my heart says no, no one but you E G Like a rescue on a darkened street C Love walked into town Em G A C I-I-I was a victim of my own self-persecution A E C E I'm a prisoner of love-but I'm coming up for air CHORUS G F Now don't be fooled by fools who promise you G F The world and all that glitters more fool you G F I'm such a hungry man that I beg you over and over and over G F And I might take any highway to be there with you E A Even the best men shiver in their beds E G C G A I'm loving you above everything I have (AAAAH AAAAH AAAH) A C G A No Chord E G C I'm a prisoner of love(Aaaaah aaaah aaaah) -just stay square E G Like a sermon on a blues guitar C Love walked into town E G I was drowning so slowly A C One step in front of your shadow A E C E I'm a prisoner of love but I'm coming up for air (And so on......) CHORUS I smell the sickness sown in this city It drives me to hide you, yea, even deceive you I'm so afraid for you that I'll break any thug that maps out your passage to ruin Even the best men shiver in their beds I'm loving you above everything I have I'm a prisoner of love-just stay square =================================================================== =================================================================== Crack City is yet to be transcribed. =================================================================== =================================================================== I Can't Read Direct Link: http://www.lovebolts.co.uk/show_user.php?id=548 Transcribed By: Aladdin Title: I Can’t Read Artist: David Bowie Written by: David Bowie and Reeves Gabrels Transcribed by Scott Fuller The original version of this song can be found on the first Tin Machine abulm. The song was given an acoustic revamp in 1997, where it was released as a single and appeared on the soundtrack to the film ‘The Ice Storm’. It is this acoustic version which I have transcribed below. Note that on the I Can't Read single, the 'short version' merely omits the intro. INTRO E-------------0----------------------------0------------- B-----------------3----------------------------3--------- G---------0-----------0----------------0----------------- D-------2----------------------------2------------------- A-----2----------------------------2--------------------- E---0----------------------------0----------------------- E-------------------------------------0------------------ B------2p0-2------2-2p0-2--3------------3\2p0------------ G------0---0------0-0---0--0----------------------------- D-------------------------------------------------------- A---2----2-----2------2---------2------------------------ E-------------------------------0------------------------ E----------------------------------------------------0--- B------2p0-2------2-2p0-2--3---------2/3\2p0---------3--- G------0---0------0-0---0--0----0------------2h4-2---2--- D-------------------------------2--------------------2--- A---2----2-----2------2---------2------------------------ E-------------------------------0------------------------ E---5--7--0------0-----------------0-----0--------------- B----------------1-----1--3--0-----0-------0------------- G----------------0-----------------2----------2---------- D----------------2-----------------2--------------------- A-------------------------------------------------------- E-------------------------------------------------------- E-------------0-----------0-------¦ B-------0-------0---------0-------¦ G-----4-----------4-------4-------¦ D---4------4--------4-----4-------¦ A---------------------------------¦ E---------------------------------¦ VERSE 1 E----------------------------------------------------0--- B---------------------------2p0-2------2-2p0-2--3----0--- G---------------------------0---0------0-0---0--0----0--- D---2------------------------------------------------2--- A---2--------------------2----2-----2------2---------2--- E---0------------------------------------------------0--- “I can’t read... (up) E-------------------------------0-----0---------0-------- B------2p0-2------2-2p0-2--3----3-------3-------1-------- G------0---0------0-0---0--0----2---------2-----0-------- D-------------------------------2---------------2-------- A---2----2-----2------2---------------------------------- E-------------------------------------------------------- E---0---------0-------------------0--0------------0------ B-----1-------0-------------------0----0------------0---- G-------0-----2-----2-4-2---------4-------4-----4-----4— D-------------2-----------2-------4-----------4---------- A---------------------------3---------------------------- E-------------------------------------------------------- VERSE 2 E-------------------------------------------------------- B---------------------------2p0-2------2-2p0-2--3-------- G---------------------------0---0------0-0---0--0----0--- D---2------------------------------------------------2--- A---2--------------------2----2-----2------2---------2--- E---0------------------------------------------------0--- “Can I see... E-------------------------------0-----0---------0-------- B------2p0-2------2-2p0-2--3----3-------3-------1-------- G------0---0------0-0---0--0----2---------2-----0-------- D-------------------------------2---------------2-------- A---2----2-----2------2---------------------------------- E-------------------------------------------------------- E---0---------0-----0-------------0----0---------0----¦ B-----1-------0-------0-----------0------0-------0----¦ G-------0-----2-----------2-------4--------4-----4----¦ D-------------2-------------------4----------4---4----¦ A-----------------------------------------------------¦ E-----------------------------------------------------¦ (soft) CHORUS 1 The following melody repeats four times in the chorus. The first three times use link (a) before returning to the start. The fourth and final time you just sweep chord (b) E---------5--------------5--------¦-5-----5------5-¦----- B-------5----5---------5----5---5-¦---6------6-----¦----- G-----5--------5-----5--------5---¦-----5------5---¦----- D---7------------7-7--------------¦----------------¦----- A---------------------------------¦----------------¦----- E---------------------------------¦----------------¦----- (chd.change) (chd.change) (a) (b) E---7-----7------7-¦ E---7-------------¦ B-----8------8-----¦ B---8-------------¦ G-------7------7---¦ G---7-------------¦ D------------------¦ D---9-------------¦ A------------------¦ A-----------------¦ E------------------¦ E-----------------¦ to start (x 3) 4th time SOLO E---0-----0-----------------------------------------0---- B---3--------3-----7--8-8/10b\7--7--8---7--5---3----2---- G---0-----------------------------------------------0---- D---2-----------------------------------------------2---- A---2---------------------------------------------------- E---0---------------------------------------------------- E-------------------------------------------------------- B---17-----17------------8----------15------------15----- G---16-----15-----12-----9b---------14------------14----- D-----------------12------------------------------------- A-------------------------------------------------------- E-------------------------------------------------------- Pinch the above notes with thumb and forefinger E---6/8b\7------------6/8b\7--------------0-------------- B----------8-5-6-------------5-6---5------0-------------- G----------------5---------------7---5----4-------------- D-----------------------------------------4-------------- A-------------------------------------------------------- E-------------------------------------------------------- E----------------------0---0-------0-------0--------¦ B----------------------5-----4-------4-------4------¦ G---6h7p6---------7----4-------4-------4-------4----¦ D---------7---7-9------4----------------------------¦ A-----------7---------------------------------------¦ E---------------------------------------------------¦ (softer) VERSE 3 E-------------------------------------------------------- B---------------------------2p0-2------2-2p0-2--3-------- G---------------------------0---0------0-0---0--0-------- D----------------------------------------------------2--- A------------------------2----2-----2------2---------2--- E---0------------------------------------------------0--- “Money goes... E-------------------------------0---------------0-------- B------2p0-2------2-2p0-2--3----3---------------1-------- G------0---0------0-0---0--0----2---------------0-------- D-------------------------------2---------------2-------- A---2----2-----2------2---------------------------------- E-------------------------------------------------------- E------------------------------------------0------------- B------------------------------------------0------------- G---5h7-7/9b--8/9b\5--4-2--2/4b\2-2/4b\2---2------------- D------------------------------------------2------------- A-------------------------------------------------------- E-------------------------------------------------------- E---0--------0--------0--------0--------0----------0---¦ B-----0--------0--------0--------0--------0--------0---¦ G-------2--------2--------4--------4--------4------4---¦ D---------2--------2--------4--------4--------4----4---¦ A------------------------------------------------------¦ E------------------------------------------------------¦ CHORUS 2 Same as for chorus 1, although watch out, the tempo is faster this time... ... And thats it (Phew!). Enjoy! Any comments, email FullerSA@cf.ac.uk =================================================================== =================================================================== Under The God is yet to be transcribed. =================================================================== =================================================================== Amazing Direct Link: http://www.lovebolts.co.uk/show_user.php?id=258 Transcribed By: ZL AMAZING from Tin Machine INTRO: E E I'm lazy, you crazy girl stay by my side I'm scared you'll meet someone in whom you'll confide Bm7 A Life's still a dream E Your love's amazing Bm7 A Since I found you E My life's amazing E I pledge you, you'll never be blue there's too much at stake to be down My nightmare, rooted here watching you go divine in both our lives Bm7 A Life's still a dream E Your love's amazing, amazing Bm7 A Since I found you D A My life's a roll, go go go E and it's amazing OUTRO: E ----------------------------------------- INTRO: The little acoustic lick that leads into the E's: E-0-0-0-0-0- B-2/4\2P0-0- G---------1- D---------2- A---------2- E---------0- ----------------------------------------- CHORDS: EADGBE ------ A X02220 E 022100 D XX0232 Bm7 X24232 =================================================================== =================================================================== Working Class Hero Direct Link: http://www.lovebolts.co.uk/show_user.php?id=552 Transcribed By: Aladdin WORKING CLASS HERO- John Lennon Am G Am As soon as you're born they make you feel small G Am By giving you no time instead of it all G Am Till the pain is so big you feel nothing at all Am (D) G Am A working class hero is something to be Am (D) G Am A working class hero is something to be They hurt you at home and they hit you at school They hate you if you're clever and they despise a fool Till you're so fucking crazy you can't follow their rules A working class hero is something to be A working class hero is something to be When they've tortured and scared you for twenty odd years Then they expect you to pick a career When you can't really function you're so full of fear A working class hero is something to be A working class hero is something to be Keep you doped with religion and sex and T.V. And you think you're so clever and classless and free But you're still fucking peasants as far as I can see A working class hero is something to be A working class hero is something to be There's room at the top they are telling you still But first you must learn how to smile as you kill If you want to be like the folks on the hill A working class hero is something to be A working class hero is something to be If you want to be a hero well just follow me If you want to be a hero well just follow me STRUMMING PATTERN: On the Am, hit the base string (A), then strum a bit. Then hit the open D string and hammer onto the second fret, strum a bit more, and repeat ad nauseum. The D chords in paranetheses I sometimes add for variety, but they don't actually exist on the album. (from Plastic Ono Band, 1970) (sent by Harlan at harlant@hawaii.edu) =================================================================== =================================================================== Bus Stop Direct Link: http://www.lovebolts.co.uk/show_user.php?id=71 Transcribed By: Alan Hyde Intro F# F# F# A D A D A D D G There's a cry that is heard in the city D G Froom Vivian at Pentecost Lane D G shrieking and dancing till 4 a.m. D G Another night of muscles and pain G I love you despite your convictions D G That God never laughs at my jokes CHORUS A I'm a young man at oods with the Bible G But I don't pretend faith never works D D D D D And we're down on our knees A D A D A D A D Prayin' at the bus stop D G Now Jesus he came in a vision D G And offered you redemption from sin D G I'm not sayin' that I don't believe you D G But are you sure that it really was him G I've been told that it couldn've been blue cheese D G Or the meal that we ate down the road Hallelujah CHORUS =================================================================== =================================================================== Pretty Thing is yet to be transcribed. =================================================================== =================================================================== Video Crimes is yet to be transcribed. =================================================================== =================================================================== Run is yet to be transcribed. =================================================================== =================================================================== Sacrifice Yourself is yet to be transcribed. =================================================================== =================================================================== Baby Can Dance Direct Link: http://www.lovebolts.co.uk/show_user.php?id=748 Transcribed By: brandon this one is fairly simple it starts with: intro |B |D |A |A this twice then those guitar parts: E chord then move it up one fret so you'll get : e-0 b-0 g-2 d-3 a-3 e-0 this goes one for a while then the verse starts which is A I'm rolling down the ferris wheel A no-one looks and no-one feels, G but the baby can, the baby can A The way I feel I'm feeling you A holding out and falling out, G but the baby can, the baby can A I'm the jumping man A I'm the jumping man Then you get the chorus which are the same as the intro sequence =================================================================== ===================================================================

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